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Croix Blanche Lakes – The Beginning of a French Carp Fishery


Ever because I was a kid, eagerly devouring the functions of such anglers as Jack Hilton and Chris Yates, reading each post penned by Rod Hutchinson, and knowing off by heart the account by Richard Walker of his famous record. I have been obsessed with catching carp and all that goes with it. The mystic, the cloak that appeared to cover carp fishing for all of my formative years, was like a magnet.With the passion for angling, I usually nurtured the concept of getting my lake, my own Redmire with leviathan carp. Till January of 1999, this remained, as for most people, a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Till, by way of a fellow photojournalist, I came to hear about a group of lakes up for sale. It started as a bit of a joke, but the much more I considered it, the greater the concept seemed to me. This revelation had my mind in a whirl; perhaps, just perhaps, this was my Redmire pool.On a cold, rainy January morning, I pulled up outside the fence surrounding the “Etangs,” which were buffeted by the wind and covered in a layer of mist and drizzle – they did not look at all honesty as well inspiring. Several minutes later on, the owner showed up in a huge prime-of-the-selection Peugeot. He showed me around the home. I discovered two huge glasses of water of all-around seven-8 acres every single, and a smaller pond as properly. A little chalet had been erected close to the entrance that housed a kitchen, shower, and toilet. It was, in fact, the Peugeot man’s weekend backyard, his very own small Eden, in which he could come and loosen up, swim, and entertain in his leisure time. But he no longer came right here and wished to promote up.Several minutes passed and a second automobile pulled in using the gate. A younger guy descended, holding a photo album. He then presented me some of his carpCarp captures from the last two many years and inform me about the waters and their fish. What fish they had been, massive broad mirrors, which even from the mediocre photography looked tremendous. The largest above 40 pounds.I parted business with these people positive that I had stumbled on a jewel in the French countryside, fished only by a handful of individuals because it was excavated and previously creating huge fish. I just had to have them. It could be my opportunity to get out of the rat race that Paris and journalism had turned into and do something I’d usually needed to do. So we did indeed acquire the lakes, my wife as enthusiastic as myself.The function concerned only became obvious as we acquired into it. Only one proper swim existed, where the younger man and his pals utilized to fish. I set about cutting pitches out of the willow jungle that surrounded the edges of every water. The waters themselves just acquired far more and a lot more stunning as the seasons progressed the water aqua green, tinted with blue, common chalk pits, and the green foliage of willows and birches that surrounded it.However, the urge to fish was great, and I started formal sessions, initially starting up on the only swim. One of my initial 3-day stints saw me pulverize my personal very best, three occasions in 3 fish, every single 1 receiving larger. The very best over 36 lbs. I was slowly acquiring word about my lakes by way of the Web, and a few folks desired to come to fish. The first of these arrived at my swim on the customary “stroll round the lake,” and my appropriate hand rod tore off. A nicely scaled 27-pounder came to my visitors and had been impressed. That night, better was in the shop. As darkness descended, my right-hand rod was off again, and after a tough, arms aching fight, a mint forty-pound mirror lay on the unhooking mat. I was more than the moon; PB smashed to smithereens yet again!And so factors progressed, swims had been cut, several keen beavers came to “area test” my waters, some went house having blanked, some with large fish underneath their belts. But that’s carp fishing, even in France. Then a chap from Hemel knocks out a 43 and a half, following a tough week. Wow!!!Thirty fish have been caught in all so far, eleven thirties to 37lb 8oz (10 of which I’ve been fortunate adequate to catch) and two forty pounders. The rest have been very good twenties, with just six doubles the smallest 16lb 8oz. I believe you are going to agree the fish are quite outstanding.I program to stock far more fish in November, not loads of doubles (some yes) but mainly very good twenties and thirties and some giant catfish to spice items up a bit. If these fish do half as effectively as the original fish in a couple of many years, the regular will be fantastic. So this is appropriate now.For the 2nd time in my daily life, as a carp angler, I have been in a place to try out water, just before absolutely everyone else, in true pioneering design. When you stroll around the water, there’s a unique feeling, being aware that it has large fish and that you have it to yourself for a time.And so it was that I set about discovering the tricks of the “Etangs de la Croix Blanche,” hoping that I could unlock them and reap the treasures.I would be advised the “Croix Blanche” lake itself held the most fish but that the “Tortue” had most likely the largest. Observation of water showed that there had been indeed some actual whackers swimming close to in the clear, limpid water. But the lure of bigger numbers to try for saw me opt for the “Croix Blanche”. Early in April, I set up for a 3-day session with my eight 12 months-previous sons, William. I chose a swim halfway along the “Croix Blanche” lake in which it narrows and is around five feet deep, offering an excellent possibility to intercept fish. I baited with soaked maize, hemp, and boilies near the far bank trees, placing three lines, a single balanced snowman style, one particular popped up, and one bottom bait in the location. Factors have been looking excellent when I commenced seeing some very massive swirls coming from the baited zone. As darkness fell, I eagerly anticipated the night. Up until midnight, no takes have been forthcoming, so I climbed into my sleeping bag. Close to 4:30 am, I was awoken by a quick run on my left-hand rod. Dashing previous my cautiously placed boots, I ran in stocking feet out to strike the run. The fish moved to my appropriate, and soon after numerous minutes, I could obtain enough line to deliver it into the margins. Regrettably, the line snagged a branch hanging in the water to my correct, which I was unable to free. Pulling difficult merely lifted the fish’s head towards the tree. I known for my son, who was asleep in the bivvy. After what appeared like ages, he staggered out into the night. I asked him to grab the rod as I went in for the fish. On my command, he heaved on the line to deliver the fish back up to the branch, and I scooped her up in the net, pulling hard to break the branch off. On the scales, she went 33 lb 4oz. I was soaking wet and cold but pleased without a doubt. A new personal very best.The rest of the evening and early morning was uneventful, so I recast around 10 am and sat back to reflect on the night’s action. Very first fish a very good thirty this certainly was promising. All was calm right up until mid-afternoon when out of the blue, the left rod dropped back. I struck into one more heavy excess weight. This 1 did tiny as I pumped her towards me. Staying away from the dreaded tree, I netted her easily and staggered up the financial institution with my prize. Excess fat mirror comparable to the first one, particularly at 34lb 5oz. Two thirties for two fish – wow!The weather was by now none as well great, drizzly rain and fairly chilly. Typical April. I baited yet again and recast my rods in preparation for my last night. As the rain came down, I hit the hay early, awakened by an enormous swirl above my baited location. The anticipation grew; I felt positive I would get a run. Confident sufficient at 2:45 am, the middle rod with the popped-up bait took off and immediately felt a heavier, harder fighting fish. The others had provided rather disappointing accounts of themselves; this 1, nevertheless, made up for that. After ten minutes, even now cruising around the margins, reluctant to come up to the surface. With aching arms, I lastly slipped the net under a stunning fish. It was longer than the other people, with a huge hump on its shoulders and a considerably bigger tail. It took the scales down to 36lb 6oz, a new private very best, for the third time in 3 fish.As the Spring gave way to Summertime, I continued to catch a perfect amount of the biggies in the water. One particular of the stars of the waters is a broad-shouldered mirror. This fish was to grace my net for the initial time in May at 40lb and once more in August when it had gained three lbs in bodyweight. It also holds the lake record at 43lb 8oz caught by a visiting angler, also in August.My tally of the thirties is currently up to eleven, and the forty has fallen twice to my lines. To say that the waters have surpassed my expectations is an understatement!And so I have turned my attentions to the “Tortue.” The water was beginning to fascinate me, anyway. I had witnessed a true lump swimming close to on numerous events. By far the most significant fish in the complicated. I consequently decided to set my stall for the rest of the summer for this fish.A single day as I stood on the edge of the water contemplating on in which to start. Have I known as out loud “CarpCarp exactly where are you? ” To solution my query, a fish crashed out above a gravel bar in the center of the water. Then I placed my marker. I baited with maize and boilies for ten days every other day. My first evening session passed quietly, but the 2nd noticed a fast run on the middle rod. I was quickly hunting at a pristine mirror a shade above 27lb. The next evening at virtually specifically the same hour, 11:15 pm, the identical rod roared off, and I was lucky to be graced by one more of the jewels of the “Croix Blanche” complex, a linear a tad below 36lb. A magnificent fish.It brings us to September, and despite a couple of 3-day sessions, I’m nonetheless to take an additional fish. I’ve witnessed the big on many occasions in a quite extraordinary group of eight fish. All more than 35lb, I’m confident. I hope with a bit of persistence and excellent fortune; I shall quickly be capable of recounting the capture of this giant carpCarp.RegardsGareth

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